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Britannia Medical Centre (BMC) is a modern state of the art paper-thin hospital set in the outskirts of Tema district of Accra. The hospital which became operational in 2020 was born out of the desire to bring to Ghana the highest quality healthcare that meets the needs of the people.

Central to BMC is the patient/client whose welfare we take pride in. Our staff are the greatest asset, and we believe in nurturing, developing, supporting and maintaining talent that buys into our philosophy.

Care delivery at BMC is based on a culture of openness, trust, kindness and learning. We recognise that without trust, our ambition would be short-lived. Our aim is therefore to earn the trust of our patients/clients and invite input from them so as to make our services fit for the Ghanaian middle class as well as the wider community.

BMC is a purpose built hospital with a reception, a waiting area, modern consulting rooms, imaging unit with a modern ultrasound machine and X-ray machine, an operating theatre, wards (open 4 bedded and private en-suite rooms) as well as beautiful surroundings that provide the ideal ambiance for recovery or for the visiting relatives.

Our hospital is run on an electronic medical records system Yarysa EMR that interlinks various departments allowing for seamless sharing of information and prompt availability of information that drives patient/client care.

  • Fertility and IVF
  • Gyneacology & Paediatric
  • Family Medicine
  • Minimal access Surgery
  • Radiology
  • Clincal Psychology
  • Pharmacy/Laboratory
  • Mobile Health

Our Medical Centre has world class facilities for the treatment of Our Clients.

Mission , Vision , Values

Mission: We aim to be the most respected private teaching Hospital, of international repute, a leader and pacesetting institution in healthcare delivery in Ghana and beyond.

Vision: By 2030, we plan to be one of the leading health institution in Ghana: in terms of quality and training.



Our Services


We provide outpatient consultations and investigations where appropriate. This service serves as the primary stop for most patients but also as a secondary portal for those with complications that require specialised care. Most complaints are managed on outpatient basis with support from a fully automated laboratory, a modern ultrasound machine as well as an X-ray machines. Our Family Medicine clinics run every day.


This service which is delivered in tandem with obstetrics consists of Outpatient consultations, investigations and treatment of common both outpatient and inpatients. Some of the conditions we manage include fibroids, period problems (painful, heavy, irregular or absent), lower abdominal (tummy) pain, painful sexual intercourse, vaginal discharge, contraception, menopause and related problems, ovarian cysts, premenstrual syndrome, urinary incontinence, prolapse etc.


We believe very strongly that no woman should die in pregnancy and childbirth and this can only be achieved through comprehensive screening at the first antenatal visit followed by regular surveillance and monitoring of both the baby and the mother. Our dedicated team includes an Obstetrician who has worked in the UK at the highest level and a team of midwives who have been trained to be customer centered. We run antenatal clinics twice a week and each of these is supported by our ultramodern ultrasound scan service. Each of our women is offered a tertiary level ultrasound examination of the baby at 18-22 weeks during which we endeavour to exclude most major abnormalities. We also use ultrasound scan to monitor the growth of the babies where appropriate. Where the pregnancy is complicated or there are reasons for closer monitoring we offer inpatient care with appropriate monitoring of both the mother and baby.


Under this service are:
A. Couples with repeated pregnancy loss (recurrent miscarriages)
B. Infertility – trying for a pregnancy after a period of time
C. Endocrine disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome, excessive hair on the body


This is opened 24 hours and caters for most minor complaints and some categories of major illnesses. We do not have facilities for major trauma but are able to manage minor trauma.


We provide general and specialised paediatric clinics where children with various symptoms/illnesses are seen assessed investigated and treated. There is an inpatient service to care for those requiring admissions and inpatient treatment


Surgical services are provided by various specialist that visit the hospital to run clinics and operate of bring their patients to use BMC facilities. These include general surgery, urology and orthopaedics


A dental unit caters for those with problems and the facilities include a dental chair and imaging.


The BMC is supported by an on-site automated laboratory that is able to perform various investigations including haematological (blood), biochemistry (kidney and liver functions and hormones)


Our pharmacy provides a comprehensive range of medications for both inpatient and outpatients. Where the specific drug is unavailable, we are able to provide it at short notice. Patients who are not from BMC can also use this facility by simply brining a prescription from a recognised provider.


We have a modern ultrasound scan machine which provides the best quality images and allows for a thorough investigation of various pathologies including monitoring of pregnancies, imaging of babies, and investigations for other complications such as suspected kidney or bladder stones etc.


We take great pride in labelling ourselves as a learning organisation bent on creating a facilitative environment for our staff to learn and more importantly to work towards developing healthcare workers nationally and within the sub-region. We have an Education Unit led by an expert who will commission various educational programmes. Most of these programmes will allow attendees to earn continuing professional development (CPD) credits which are now mandatory for healthcare providers in Ghana.

BMC will be providing training that will complement or enhance skills such as basic and advanced ultrasound scan, critical care, clinical governance, and every other aspect of healthcare. Ultimately BMC will be an institution for training healthcare workers teaming up with an academic institution of higher learning or being part of one.


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